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On-demand virtual advice, coaching, tutoring, and more, 24/7.

Welcome to Piqabu, a new way to learn and earn coming to a device near you summer 2020

Uber created a model where we could get transportation through an app, on-demand at any time of day. What if that same model was applied to video streaming services for help with things like fantasy football picks, makeup consultants, or local tour guides? How about an e-sport coach getting you to the next level on League of Legends, any time of day, on-demand with no scheduling? 

Who are we

Introducing Piqabu, an on-demand live streaming platform that connects people looking for help with service providers. Providers turn on their app when they want to work and get connected by video chat right from the post. Imagine YouTube, only instead of watching videos, you're able to interact and ask questions. 

How it works

How it works

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Simply set up an account, create a short promotional video, set your rate per minute fee, and get to work. 


Those looking for services can find you using filters that take information from your profile. And as your ratings increase, so does your visibility. 

When someone hires you, they are connected right from the post using either video chat or audio calling. 

You can practice as many times as you like, offering your services for free until you feel comfortable with the platform, on numerous channels.


You start by adding channels to your LiveGuide. On each channel is a set of filters called Noise Control that allows you to narrow who you see to meet your needs. 

Only providers that are ready to engage appear, and you can use their promo video, ratings, and bio to help inform your decision. Choose one, and connect. 

The base cost is $1 per minute, with a 15-minute minimum. There's no subscription, cost to sign up, or hidden fees.


Talk as long as you like, and you can schedule time with your favorite providers if you choose. 

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We need your help!  Over the next three months, we'll be building out the services offered on Piqabu.


If it can be streamed, we can support it ( PG only :) ) Please share your thoughts on this survey, and we'll keep you up to date with our progress. 


Pick your game and go! You can filter coaches by price, team, language, and more. Find a coach that suits you and your budget. Then, check out the coach profiles for more detailed information.


Private tutors on Piqabu offer personalized, 1–on–1 instruction designed to help you reach your goals faster. Oftentimes, help is needed without having scheduled an appointment. With Piqabu, someone's always there for you. 

Sports Betting

Looking for more information than just the pics? Piqabu connects you with handicappers that share insights and rational behind the choices they made. Also, get help with your Fantasy pics here!

Professional Services

What will you find on Piqabu? Plumbers, trainers, finance advice, legal, pet training, culinary, tech help, language, handyman, and even comedians on call to cheer up your day!


Get behind the scene access to your favorite artist, actor, or sports hero. When they go live, join the stream for as little as $5 and get immersed in their world with unfiltered streaming. 

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