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Need some more info? 

Welcome to Piqabu Nation, a new way to learn and earn. 

What's the purpose of education?

What is the purpose of education? Is it to get a good job, develop new skills, become the best version of yourself? What if you could earn money while working towards all three? That’s Piqabu. Piqabu allows anyone anywhere to begin working towards the thing that they’re passionate about, while earning money along the way. No other platform makes it this easy to put dollars in your pockets doing the things you love.

Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a university education, when you can begin developing the skills and connections and experience today?

Piqabu flips the paradigm of education on its head, giving young people everywhere the chance to develop the skills and experience they need to thrive in the future. But it does so, while putting dollars in the hands of young people, rather than them paying high tuition at overpriced universities. Piqabu makes it easy for learners to be earners, and earners to be learners.

What about the money???

​The revenue split is 60/40, with 60% going to you. As you build customers who schedule your time, the percentage eventually moves to a 90/10 split, 90% to you.

A 60/40 split with the base rate of $1 per minute generates a $36 per hour pay, $72,ooo per year for top-rated hosts working full time, where demand exists. Hosts with high ratings get prioritized within channels, so as you complete a call you'll most likely receive another immediately. Users get rated as well, and you'll have the option of accepting requests for services. 

Set Your Price: maybe you’re a veteran in your industry. Maybe you’re just getting started. Set your price to get started. You’ll be able to adjust your price at any time, especially during busy times, when your services are especially in demand.

Piqabu makes it easy for people with skills and expertise to get paid for helping others. Love playing the guitar? Help someone just getting started build their confidence. Great at math? Get a student in a homework crisis successfully to the other side. A wizard in the kitchen? Transform a nice dinner date into an amazing night.


Get to Work


To make your services available, toggle to Online for each industry you’re ready to work in. Only want to work in Tutoring tonight? Just mark Online for Tutoring. Open to clients across the range of your industries? Mark Online All, to become available in each of your industries.


When you’re Online for an industry, the promo video for that industry populates that industry channel, helping clients find you, review you, and choose you.


When you’re done working in an industry, toggle to Offline, which removes your promo post from that industry. When you’re completely done for the day, be sure to mark Offline All, to remove all of your promo posts and make yourself unavailable, throughout all of Piqabu.

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